Aramin Helmsley

Duke of Berkshire


Aramin Helmsley is the Duke of Berkshire and cousin to King Edmin III. He is fifth in line for the throne. Aramin is the Governor of New Haven and largest land owner in New Haven. He commands the largest military as well. The Duke is known for his honor, sense of justice, and compassion for the people of New Haven. He views his duties as Governor as a service to the people of New Haven.

Until recently, Aramin has kept peace in a land full of unsettled territory and numerous tribes of blood thirsty orcs, as well as, various other monsters that roam the wilds. This peace has come to an end recently. The Chief of the Iron Claws was challenged and overthrown. The new Chief holds a bitter hatred for man and has declared war on humankind. Up until most recently three tribes of orcs had united for this cause. As the Earl of Essex and Baron Devlin MacBain recently discovered a fourth tribe has entered the fight and has sought out an alliance with the Hill Giants in the North.

The Governor has been busy dealing with the threat in the North and has brought together an alliance of the Nobles of New Haven. The campaign was going well until a recent battle. The Governor has been called back to the Capital of New Haven and port city of Berkshire.


Aramin Helmsley

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