William Belmont

Duke of Warrick


William Belmont, Duke of Warrick holds the lands East of Baron Devlin MacBain, as well as, several islands containing port cities. While loyal to the Crown, it is no secret Belmont covets Aramin Helmsley’s station as Governor.

Despite sending troops to the front to deal with the orcs, Belmont has voiced his disapproval of such a campaign. In Belmont’s opinion the orcs posse no significant threat. When they sacked several of the towns and villages bordering the wilds, Belmont held fast to the notion if the orcs were left alone they would lose interest in their foolish war. A few towns and villages were a small price to pay in comparison to the loss of Noble blood.

During several engagements Belmont’s troops have been ordered to fall back (a bit premature according to others present) “to maintain their fighting strength for future engagements”. It is difficult to push the issue as Belmont has substantial forces to contribute to the war effort. If Belmont were to pull out things would quickly take a turn for the worse.

William Belmont

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